model 644 A ser # 167660 Spindle developed slight bind in one quaqdrant of rotation.

Steven Karvelis

I was working with my lathe and the other day while indicating in some round stock noticed that the spindle was starting to bind in approximately 1/4 of it's rotation. This occurs in the same section of the spindle every time. I have kept the spindle lubricated while working and so i am puzzled as to what has created this situation I am in the last phase of of some work with my lathe so basically I'm at a standstill. I don't want to further any problems but I need to resolve this situation. I am going to break down the headstock for inspection but certainly would appreciate any input on diagnosing and resolving this problem. I am not familiar with the specifications for the lathe i.e. , id's and od's of the mating /matching parts. What am I looking for in this circumstance and what options might I have to get up and running making chips A.S.A.P. Thank you all.


Steve Karvelis

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