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I have N.O.S. gears in stock.
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Does anyone know what pitch diameter and pressure angle are the gears in a South Bend 9 QCGB? I recently purchased a 9A that is almost perfect except it apparently was shifted under power.  It was a lathe from a trade school.  The gear I'm needing is one of the pinned together cluster gears part # PT626NK1 which**- is pinned together as assembly AS622NK1.  This is the second gear cluster from the end of the shaft on the left hand side of the gearbox.  The smaller gear is in good shape but SBL never sold the larger gear as a separate part as far as I've been able to determine. I made a phone call to Grizzly/SBL parts in Springfield but was told at his time the gear cluster is NLA and if it should become available, the cost would be upward of $350.00.

At this point I can:

1. Buy a gearbox on eBay and either pull the gear I need for installation into my gear box or just mount the purchased gearbox on the l athe.  Cost would run from $150 to $300 depending upon the end price of an available gearbox but I would have a number of spare parts for future use.

2. Keep looking for a gear from some one who might have it in stock or left over in a damaged gearbox.  Cost unknown.

3. Make a gear.  I realize that isn't as easy as it looks but I believe I could do it.  I own a Clausing 8540 h. mill. Involute gear cutters are not that expensive and I'd probably need a dividing head or a rotary table with dividing plates, a mandrel and dead center to mount the gear blank while cutting. Cost would probably end up being higher than just buying the donor gear box. But, I would have tools and tooling that I would probably find a number of uses for in the future.  

Any one know the gear specs?


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