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The brand is actually "NEW ERA"



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Thanks Ted

These units are stamped "Made in Great Britain".  Only other markings are the words "NEW R A". The "RA" being vertically aligned and centered under the "NEW". Soon as I figure out how to post pix I'll post them. "NEW RA" is centered on the top of the dial, Inches read on the left.. Kilometers on the left. (Kilometers?...Sorry, I couldn't help myself. 

The long and short of it...  looks like the shaft (mandrel?) added to the compound screw to support the dial "stack" seems to have shifted longitudinally and the whole mess has opened up a about .200 slack in the works.  The set screws securing the shaft/mandrel to the compound screw are installed 180 degrees radially instead of the more common 90 degree spacing. 

I think the next step is to press the assembly back into proper position, check fit, an d then if warranted, redrill one of those setscrews to get a more normal relationship. I could mill a couple of tiny flats on the compound screw. I don't plan to go overboard. 

I think someone took it apart (my old boss) and didn't put it back together properly, causing the problem in the first place. 

The fit and finish of these dial assemblies is actually very nice so I plan to be conservative.

Thanks Ted

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