Re: Brazed half nuts?

Jim B. <btdtrf@...>

It’s a standard practice for REPAIRING worn halfnuts.


The only way you can do this is to repair BOTH sides since the threads must match and you need to align them on a screw or slot them after brazing.


Yes standard NPT plug.


Jim B.

Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2014 4:40 PM
Subject: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] Brazed half nuts?



I just took apart the apron on my 1939 9A. The half nuts are separate from the levers and were brazed on. Was this the procedure for an early 9A? I find it hard to believe that they both were repaired. Also, the drain plug was missing and I was wondering if this was a standard NPT plug that I could find in a hardware store. Thanks in advance, John.


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