I bought a 14" SB lathe at auction. I made an album but I haven't figured out how to link.

Rod Lindauer

It's in great shape. I think the cabinet is also from SB. Ideas? It came with some type of turret attachment and two crank actuated things, maybe for turning balls and sockets? It also had the collet bar and full collet set, still in their cardboard and Bakelite holders. I also got the taper attachment which was mixed in with some scrap metal and sold seperate. The guy who bought the metal found it buried and brought it to my attention, I bought it back for scrap price, lucky...I think I might have been the only guy there not buying scrap metal. I got a ton of stuff, brand new heat treat oven and roll of foil for $100, about 100 end mills some carbide most new for $20, a Kurt vise and another generic one for $40, Kennedy box full of round 1/2" HSS stock, three 10hp hydraulic units and a 35 ton press with loading cart and 12 die assemblies for $300, a 25 piece hole punch and die set for $5! I felt like I was drunk when I got home and started unloading. I've been self employed as a sculptor/ furniture maker for the last 15 years, then the recession and a bad shop accident put me in a bad way financially. I got some vocational rehabilitation help from the VA and started retraining last year as a cnc machinist. I want to go back to being self-employed, so I'm trying to put a modest shop together. I was a little discouraged until I went to a job interview last week with a major manufacturer and the shop I'd be working in was crappier than mine. I still will need to work somewhere for a while to learn the ropes but at least it seems possible now. The reason I went to the auction was to buy a surface grinder, it was an off brand and for some reason it brought more money than anything else. Way more than I was willing to pay.

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