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As far as threading goes the peeling off is the reason proper pipe threading dies are four piece and are set into an adjustable die holder that locks closed and is opened when the thread is complete. That prevents the tearing issue. Pipe NEVER was the best quality material but the Chinese have taken "quality" to a new low.
Mike from Canada​

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Can't speak for USA rebar and pipe but for the UK versions:  The pipe can be difficult to thread, the threads peeling off when you reverse the die, even with Trefolex or Silkut.  Rebar is grade T, which means it is quite handy for punches, single use special chisels for mild steel, Tommy bars for vices etc.  The worst feature is trying to grip the surface anywhere near central in a chuck, or anything else for that matter.

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The Chinese pipe I used for my treadmill conversion controller mount turned down just fine. There were some hard spots but basically it turned down very nicely.
Mike from Canada​
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The best I can say is use pipe for what pipe is made to do. Pipe metal is not good for anything.  Another thing not to try is rebar, I believe they are made from similar metals--good for nothing but what they were designed to do.
Nelson Collar


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