Re: 9a Reverse Gear Shaft Stuck

Steve Wells

Don't even worry about it, I get tons of his e-mail...haha
I share all the info I can freely however it gets to our fellow group members,
and he did a great job with the books, he's helped many members.
This group has been very special to me over the years, and I appreciate the
fellowship of the members I have interacted with, especial Jim, who did something
very special and dear to me when my wife passed away in 09, I still remember that.
Denny(Turk), my buddy, came all the way from Oregon to have dinner with us before she left us.
Very special people. Thanks all.
Steve Wells

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Ugh.  Well, now that’s embarrassing.  Steve, I am so sorry for my confusion and thank you for the clarification. Also, thank you adding clarity to this conversation.  I think I’ve got it and am all set. I’m off to the garage to start cleaning and painting. Thanks everyone for your help.

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