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Davis Johnson

The 9A-B-C, 10K book is up front about not covering every possible variant. It covers the plunger reverse lever but not the older variation where you have to loosen a bolt.

I have a handy bushing set that covers most needs without making up special bushings. I think it is called a socket wrench set. That will probably make somebody out there cringe.

On 5/23/2014 7:54 PM, 'Steve Wells' wswells@... [SOUTHBENDLATHE] wrote:
I'm in this thread late, but let me clarify a few things for the posters. first I did not write the rebuild books, nor do I sell
them on e-bay, that is Steve Brooks, although our eBay user names are similar and my website must be used for
references, there is no connection between us. As for the question, if his book does not list the wicks in the reverse tumbler
studs or reverse shaft for the 9A Workshop, it is an error, they indeed have felts. the older Workshops used part number
256 x 7 which is a 3/16 round in the studs, the newer used a 256 x 1 which is 1/16 x 1/8, the reverse shaft uses a 256 x 3,
which is a 3/32 x 3/16. I stock both the 1 and the 3, they are $3.00 each, being 24 inches long, so there is enough to do the apron
also. On the older ones you can substitute the 3 for the 7. attached pictures of the reverse shaft and oil hole.
Yes, the shaft is hard to remove after time, DO NOT push or beat on the threads. Make a bushing that slips over the threads
and use this to press with, support the bracket close to the shaft on the reverse side with another bushing, don't spread out the force
on the cast iron.
Steve Wells  

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