Re: YouTube Video Showing The Potential Danger of a Lathe

Mark R. Jonkman

I think you will find he was a bit more injured then what that fail video suggests if you watch the whole video:

Unfortunately many of  us don't have nice climate controlled shops so during the cooler winter months one can't always get away with no long sleeve shirts, so in that respect, this is a good reminder. He did a number of "not so smart things" perhaps lolled by repetitive work, perhaps by poor training or just shear laziness, but not sure I'd classify him as an idiot. Lucky for him perhaps, he was working on a very long slender shaft that bent and pulled out of the tailstock and seemed to spin in the chuck. 

The one thing that scares me as much as long sleeve shirts is watching someone bending over a lathe with a hoody on and the strings for the hood dangling a few inches above the rotating work piece. I know of at least one respectable machinist on youtube whose videos I thoroughly enjoy watching but I cringe when I see those hoody strings. There was a young lady not that long ago killed in a university machine shop when her hair got caught in a lathe late at night. Complacency can be a killer in any shop or construction type setting. Old timers set the stage for how newbies behave - monkey see, monkey do :-(. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a safety nazi and I'm sure I do tons of things in a less then safe manner sometimes without thinking. But I will ream out any of my kids (I got 4 kids) that I catch out in my shop working without at least their safety glasses on or with strings hanging down - hair is only an issue with my daughter and she hasn't shown interest - too busy insulting me to want to hang out with me - teenagers :-(

Mark R. Jonkman

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