Re: quick change gearbox problem?


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Half nut on carriage: that lever seems to only move a few degrees
(when carriage/cross-feed shift is in neutral). Is that correct?
How do I know if it works?

thanks again for all the help!

It should move about 10 or 15 degrees. You can tell if it works
because it will grab the leadscrew and you wont be able to move the
saddle with the handwheel anymore. You can also see the nuts engage
with a flashlight and maybe a mirror under the apron. You may need
to jiggle the saddle a little or have the leadscrew turning to engage
the nuts.

There is an interlock between the crossfeed/longitudinal feed shift
lever to keep the halfnuts from engaging at the same time. Check
this too.

Glen Reeser

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