Re: Odd little paint question...raised lettering color?

john kling

I have a model 415. I have purchased a QC gear box, an apron and a new cross feed screw to convert the lathe to a model A. The distance between the first two screws on the headstock end lead screw support are narrower than on the gear box. It seems that a few thing changed from the 415 and later work shops. Do you have the measurement between the left most screw hole and and the left end of the bed? I want to be very careful in drilling new holes in the bed.

From: Pat/Juke/Whatever...
Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2014 11:44 AM
Subject: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] Odd little paint question...raised lettering color?

So I have just about completed the stripping and painting of my 1944 SB 9a and had one question.
I’ve seen a few different pics showing different ways the lettering on the lathe were painted, but was wondering if anyone had more clear info on what was normal.
I’ve seen the lettering painted yellow in a 1945 SB brochure…black on some refurbed lathes…not painted different colors at all on others.
(and I KNOW I can paint it anyway I darn want, but was curious about how these were originally painted)
Any ideas or suggestions?
-Chef Juke
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