Re: Help raising Enco mill onto pedastal


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I was thinking about buying the Enco mill drill and wondered how I
would handle the same problem. I am thinking about a chain fall
(which I am sure I might use for other things) and maybe some sort
frame made of timbers ( 4 x 4's ?). I thought it might be possible
to put wheels on it. Naturally I haven't calculated what the
forces would be and what wood's strength is. Not sure I remember
or if I can find the data on wood.

When I was growing up in rural Iowa, I did some shade tree
mechanicking. Sometimes the cars didn't die underneath a shady tree
with braches big enough to lift out an engine. My buddy made a
tripod out of 2 x 10 lumber. It had single big bolt through all
three boards at one end with a U shaped clevis for the hoist and some
chain between the open ends to keep the legs from sliding apart.

Glen Reeser

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