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According to the information I have, those were discontinued in 1945. I don't know why, maybe there was another change that made those un-needed...??


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Yes you need those.   There purpose is to break the surface tension of the oil so it runs down the oil return hole.

I do not know of a source, Would be like finding muffler bearings for 1944 Cord.

Clean up what you have should be one in each hole.... 4 total.  If they are that bad make some out of spring wire from a hobby shop.

Most folks lose them during tear down and don't know it. I am really surprised you found literature that lists them. I will file that.

Ed S
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Hi all,
So, now that I have finished my teardown and painting of my 1944 9a, I am preparing for trying to put this sucker back together.
While I’ve been in the process of the teardown I’ve ordered a few new parts such as a needle bearing to replace the fiber washer take up nut and some new gits oil hole cups etc.

The one thing that I haven’t been able to find are replacements for the little Spindle Bearing Oil Return clips – Part number 379N1 and 380N1 on the headstock parts page (see here: ) .
The ones from my lathe seem a bit funky…worn or just old…and was wondering if anyone knew of a source or option for replacing.  Also wondering how necessary they are to the oil flow.
Any info or suggestions appreciated.
-Chef Juke
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