Re: What size quick change tool holder on a Heavy Ten?

Steve Wells

I use AXA Mike, and will take one.
Steve Wells

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Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2014 9:24 PM
Subject: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] What size quick change tool holder on a Heavy Ten?


Need some help here....... I was running off a batch of T slot nuts and stud sets for ten inch lathes tonight, and thought before I committed the whole batch for BXA size tool holders, I might check with you guys that have Heavy tens. Conventional wisdom (or what passes for it in my shop) tells me that you should run a BXA (or 200) size tool post on a ten inch lathe. The main difference in the T nut is the size of the stud in order to have a tight lock-up on the tool holder. My question is: Before I thread this batch for the larger (BXA) stud, are there operators out there using an AXA (100 size) tool holder on a ten inch lathe, or would I be wasting time and materials fitting some of them for the smaller studs? I've got a batch waiting on an answer before it goes in the phosphate tank.

Mick Finch  

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