Re: wanted: threading dial for SBL 9

Steve Wells

Yes you can use the stop to zero out too, I dont plunge cut with the cross feed, I cut threads with the compound
most of the time. it's called zero to zero by some. easy to hit the thread depth them check with pee-dee's.
The cross slide is used to mark the total depth of cut then zeroed. the compound is zeroed then backed off to start the
cut, when you reach the original zero on the compound the thread is done. The cross slide zeros out to return, zeros in to start.
Easy to hit your numbers and the feed angle is good for small lathes, chips come out nice with the side cut, other reasons too.

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Actually SB had a stop you placed on the cross feed, operator side. When you got  to the end of a thread cut, you backed out to the stop. reversed the lathe to the beginning and you know where you were to begin over again.

Ed S

 At 08:37 PM 4/8/2014, you wrote:

zero out, reverse and zero in, compound in, foward...repeat :)
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You don't really need a thread dial to thread. Its a convenience but not a necessity.
You just never disengage the half nuts.
Some think, for a short length of thread, its actually quicker.
Jim B

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