Re: What size quick change tool holder on a Heavy Ten?


The BXA works on the 10L (I use one on mine), but the adjustment is all the way down on most tools. The AXA would be the better choice.(I also have the BXA on my 13",that's why I have one on my 10L)


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Need some help here....... I was running off a batch of T slot nuts and stud sets for ten inch lathes tonight, and thought before I committed the whole batch for BXA size tool holders, I might check with you guys that have Heavy tens. Conventional wisdom (or what passes for it in my shop) tells me that you should run a BXA (or 200) size tool post on a ten inch lathe. The main difference in the T nut is the size of the stud in order to have a tight lock-up on the tool holder. My question is: Before I thread this batch for the larger (BXA) stud, are there operators out there using an AXA (100 size) tool holder on a ten inch lathe, or would I be wasting time and materials fitting some of them for the smaller studs? I've got a batch waiting on an answer before it goes in the phosphate tank.

Mick Finch  

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