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David Rysdam <david@...>

Edward Draper <eddie.draper@...> writes:
My scariest moment was when turning the links for the parallel motion
of the beam engine between centres to create a pleasing barrel shape. 
Dug the tool in, the job bent in the middle and came flying out and
hit  me right between the eyes.  Fortunately father always insisted on
my wearing protective goggles, so I was completely unscathed. 
"Scariest moments" thread anyone?   Eddie
Remember a couple weeks ago when I was asking about the parting tool

A few weeks before that, I was parting off and I suddenly heard a
*sproing* and a thump and it stopped cutting. I realized something was
wrong, then realized the parting tool was completely missing, THEN heard
a clang as it hit the ground. I found it a week later under a workbench.

Everyone in the workshop always wears glasses.

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