Re: 3C vs 6K

David Rysdam <david@...>

"Jim B. " <btdtrf@...> writes:
You would need a taper adapter sleeve for your lathe, to take 3C if
you do not have one and a Nose piece if you do not have one
Your offer of the 6K tooling is kind, but I would never be able to bring
myself to alter something that isn't being made anymore.

I see a taper adapter sleeve here:

Looks a little pricey for something that would only take a couple hours
to make. Of course, the accuracy would be far less, but then I don't
need phenomonal accuracy. I just need something better than the 3 jaw is
giving me when I clean up the backs of the rings.

As for the nose piece--do you mean one that is different from the
spindle nose piece I already use with the few 6K collets I have?
Something specially shaped to the pot collet "head"?

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