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Flash Gordon


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The big question from me … does the saddle actually fit the ways on the new bed? Usually they have to be hand fitted.

Also if the bed is worn the saddle is worn even
more. It is softer. Cast iron vs. steel. Yet yours is not???

Paint, we can ship that part.

Head stock, top oiler in 39’; that’s
interesting. (not a "C" but a change gear
lathe... "C" came later), do you have all the change gears?

The difference is the top oiler is a lost oil
system; you have to keep adding oil because it
just runs out the bearings and oils other
parts. But you always have fresh oil in the
bearing. The drip oilers are a good idea. See
attached. I have two lathes that are top oilers and will add the drip oilers.

Oh… the frosting got sloppy because they started
to let the apprentices do that. But why would you
want to remove perfectly good steel from the top
of the bed is another good question for SB. I
know about sticktion, but usually you frost the
parts you cannot see i.e. under the saddle.

This will be an interesting project, keep us posted.


At 12:18 PM 4/1/2014, you wrote:

I think I have a south bend 9C (sn 88692) ......

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