Re: what is it?

william twombley

Thanks guys!! Very impressive!  I'm still gathering sources of info on these old guys.  There is lots of data to find on production data and variations, but lots of searching needed to find it!

I'm new to this group and have not found all the nuggets of source data. Is there a list of links  of any sort. Or better a well researched book  on the subject of SBL production?
again thanks.

I know it is blasphemy, but I have  a pint of Hemi orange POR 15 engine paint. That should spice up my shop over the machine grey, dontcha think??

Well, it's off on an data expedition.

A frriend has what he calls a 1928 "heavy 9"... single tumbler, 5 or 6 way turret. He found the 42 inch bed for me it is 116xxx sn range... looks like within a year of so, "40" or "41" by sbwells' listing. Minimal wear it looks like.  Scraping or frosting is really is very simple, but the frosting (chipping?) is clearly visible, even in poor light even in the headstock area. I understand depression era machines were utilitarian rather than the real pretty artsy fartsy stuff. Simple and utilitarian... the best product for the lowest labor cost?

I'll watch that note on QCGB  on spacing. I am toying with the thought of a QCGB... not essential but certainly a nice addition. That and a powered apron is very tempting.



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