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Serial #88692 was shipped in March of 1939.


Yes early Workshop 9” lathes had the oilers in the top of the heads stock journals. They are called top oilers, the catalogue # should be 415 and technically, if yours is a top oiler it is NOT a Model C. It’s a change gear 9” Workshop lathe.

In 1939 SB revised the Workshop line. They moved the oilers to the side adding an improved wick system and introduced the Model A, B, and C terminology.

However I would have thought a lathe produced in March of 1939 would have had side oilers.

I wonder if the heads stock is original?


Adding the oil reservoirs to the head stock is a very good approach.


Jim B.

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I think I have a south bend 9C  (sn 88692) that I am finally doing  a bit of refurbing after 30 years or so.  The 4 1/2' bed was severely worn in the headstock area and I stumbles across a really nice 3 1/2 ' bed and I am "franken lathing" it. Taking the best and refitting the rest.

The tail stock is really clean and shows very minor wear on the bearing surfaces  at first impression. 
The saddle is not showing severe wear  or scoring so it may be refittable again... TBD.  The numbers will tell the answer, I guess

I have dial indicators, DTIs,  a 10" Starrett level and some minimal straight edges and assorted v blocks to begin with... plus the Connelly book as a reference. I also have the rebuild book, seal felts kit, and special tools and spanner kit  for a 9C.

The odd thing is the headstock has the oilers on the top rather than the sides. Is that a very early thirties unit? That is my most pressing question as I am doing the headstock first. Does this present any special issues. I actually like the top oilers because they a can be replaced with the oilers like on a friends late 20s heavy 9. I like being able to see what the heck is going on with the lubricant situation.


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