Re: Okay, just one last check on that motor question...

john kling

Do most of these VFD set up allow the  motor to reverse?  It is a rarely used feature; but pleasing.

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I have installed several VFDs of various sizes in industrial and
home-use applications. For your application, a 1HP capacity VFD
120VAC single phase input with 230 VAC 3 phase output such as a Teco
FM50 would be my choice. It has better current/temperature handling
than the smaller units at minimal additional cost - $116 for 0.5HP
and $130 for 1 HP today from FactoryMation. And you have the option
of using it on up to a 1 HP motor in the future. One warning - the
FM50 has many protective features built in, negating the need for a
separate motor controller, but can only be dialed down to 50% of its
rated capacity. So a 1HP FM50 VFD can only properly protect a motor
of 0.5 HP to 1.0 HP. It is almost plug and play, and as long as you
have the manual (can be downloaded for free) setup is pretty easy.
There are many parameters that can be adjusted, but you only need a
few of those and can ignore the others. You will be very happy with
the results. My preferred VFD supplier is FactoryMation - they used
to be cheaper than Dealers Electric but Dealers might be more
competitive these days.

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