My first thank yous...

Pat/Juke/Whatever... <chefjuke@...>



Just wanted to say thanks to all who chimed in with motor advice.   As a brand spanking new newbie, not only to lathes but machining in general, it’s reassuring to get advice from folks who have been doing all of this longer than I have.  It is also really helpful to hear a number of different perspectives as opposed to just researching on my own and end up relying on a single website or book….it helps me be better informed to better gauge what I think will be the best choice for me.  


So thanks Lance, Oscar, Phillip, Paolo, John, Gregg, Jim, David!


Looking forward to more great advice and to the day when I’ll have enough experience under MY belt to offer help to others….





-Chef Juke

"EVERYbody eats when they come to MY house!"


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