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In theory, having too much power, you run the risk that you put the lathe under more stress that it was designed for without the motor bulging. Practically, this could be a concern only if your lathe is equipped with a V-belt, instead of the traditional flat belt. With flat belts the too much power could result in the belt jumping off more frequently under heavy cuts.
A 3PH motor runs generally smoother than a 1PH equivalent and that could be more or less reflected in the finish. However, the main advantages of using a 3PH motor today is that you get them relatively cheap, definitely cheaper than 1PH ones, and by using a VFD, you have the ability of infinite variations in speed, programming a softer start (that could help with belt tracking too, on the top of reducing the in-rush current), electric braking instead of just coasting, and many other nice features.
On eBay you can get a VFD+motor combo for less than $200 (e.g.

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On 03/26/2014 05:40 PM, Pat/Juke/Whatever... wrote:

What would be the downside of ‘too much’ hp?


Right now I am at single phase 110 volts..could upgrade to 1ph 220  if necessary…but not sure I see the benefits yet (remember, I’m a newbie, so I haven’t done more than basic testing the machine before purchasing it).


I’d be fine going for the ½ HP if I had a clear sense of how the difference in strength would affect me, one way or another.


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