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john kling

The heavy 10 two lever gear box from pictures looks almost identical to the workshop gear box. Of course, the workshop lathe has 9/16 and not 5/8 bore gears for input. - am I correct in my guess that they are basically the same. The workshop QC has 16dp internal gears.

From: Jim B.
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2014 11:30 AM
Subject: RE: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] New Member, New Lathe Owner, Newbie Machinist, Many Questions!

1.      No chuck of any kind.
That’s probably good. You will get to buy and fit a new chuck. This should minimize error.
2. No tool post
      That’s also good news. The older “Rocker” toolposts are, while good for some rare occasions, have generally been supplanted by the newer “Quick Change” QCTP tool posts. If you THINK you need a QCGB. You would definitely need a QCTP.
3. No change gears, just what's installed. (16 tooth stud gear, 92 tooth screw gear)
       This perhaps is a more serious issue. Getting these could be expensive, although you only need to buy what you need as you need them.
4. No countershaft or motor.
    You could use the countershaft off a Workshop 9” lathe here.
6. Obviously no power cross feed.
     Yes and it is not feasible to add one. However I have a change gear Workshop 9” and a Heavy 10 and I never use power cross feed.
While the bed dimensions of the JR are similar to the Heavy 10 it is a totally different lathe and do not look for Heavy 10 parts to bolt on.
Some could possibly be made useful but little would be the same.
I believe you could bolt a heavy 10 GB on but only with some difficulty. There are two Heavy 10 Gearboxes. The single tumbler and the double tumbler.
The single tumbler would be more “Period Correct” as has been mentioned in another thread but would be  more work and I am not sure the gear train between the spindle and the GB would fit.
I think your best fit would be a Workshop 9” gearbox.
If it were mine I would just search for change gears.
Jim B.


As stated above I am a new member to this group and as of last Thursday, a new lathe owner. A little history first:

So I have a 9" Junior with a three foot bed. Here's a list of missing items:

I think I read that the 9" JR. shares parts with the heavy 10? Curious as to what I should do. Sell this one for what I can get and find another, or acquire the parts to finish this one? I've been looking for the correct change gear sets but I've hit a wall on that so far. Most are for the model A's.
Can a QC gearbox from a Heavy 10 bolt up to a 9 Junior? I'd go that way in a heartbeat if I could.

That's the story. Thanks for reading.


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