Re: QCGB or replace 10 missing change gears


I have a set of change gears for a 1918 13" for sale.
Email me if you are interested.


On Mar 25, 2014, at 2:09 PM, <sloper.bronco_dave@...> wrote:


Morning All,
 I have an early 13" catalog #34 that shipped in 1916, over the years parts have gone missing, now I want to get it running again. I am in need of a set of change gears or a QCGB that can be made to fit this machine to allow threading. I have been watching E-Bay but the majority of the change gears listed are 14DP
and my machine uses 16DP.  Boston Gear makes a line of 16DP (GB seres) gears that could be adapted to fit but the price is a bit steep for a full set. Would I be better off fitting a QCGB to this machine?

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