Re: O T Threads?

Nelson Collar

You need to look at the use of thread to determine  what is required. In the case of the hitch the thread serves only thing and that is to hold it down. In that application any thread can work. Fine threads on the ball is easier to get very tight where the coarse hold just as good just takes less turns of the nut to tighten. The strength with the ball is more on the metal failure than thread failure. Fine thread works well in steel where it does not work good in cast iron. It's all about application. 

On Sunday, March 23, 2014 1:21 PM, "calkrueger@..." wrote:
We basically use two thread patterns. Course and fine. I always thought that load/torque determined which thread was used.  While removing some balls from hitches I found both fine and course threads used and I now have no idea what determines what thread style is to be used for what. The ball shafts just turned on my curiosity there must be other examples out there.  What say you experts?

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