Re: OT: swivel joint design

Davis Johnson

I think your analysis is spot-on with regards to stripping due to an axial load (pull out force).*

Fine threads are going to be easier for a gorilla with a wrench to strip, for the same material. Fine threaded fasteners seem to be more likely to be hardened, however, which may frustrate the gorilla.

*Fine may be a tiny bit weaker, due to required clearance spaces. The difference is unlikely to matter.

On 3/25/2014 4:51 PM, Jim B. wrote:

I can allow that they are more easily cross threaded but I must disagree that they strip more easily. The thread form is a V. With a constant V angle and a constant nut thickness the amount of material that must be moved to strip a thread is the same for either fine or coarse threads. Yes the Vs are narrower but there are more of them in a fine thread and the metal thickness needing to be stripped is the same.


Jim B.

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