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Jim B. <btdtrf@...>

I can allow that they are more easily cross threaded but I must disagree that they strip more easily. The thread form is a V. With a constant V angle and a constant nut thickness the amount of material that must be moved to strip a thread is the same for either fine or coarse threads. Yes the Vs are narrower but there are more of them in a fine thread and the metal thickness needing to be stripped is the same.


Jim B.

The simple answer:

In the American system, fine threads have more clamping force, but are more likely to strip. The only place where fine threads are used regualrly is in aircraft. Vibration doen't loosen them as easily as coarse threads and they are more fatigue resistant.

Coarse threads are stronger and easier to assemble. The metric system is based on the English coarse thread.

HTH, Dimitar

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