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Steve Wells

The 380-Y is an O series lathe, single wall apron. It is the last of the O series 9 inch lathes.
Made up until aprox 1934-35 and then being replace by the N and R series lathes, although the R and N series
were introduced before these dates. The 380 is a silent chain over head drive, where the later overhead drive were belt drive.
The 80 models are an improved version of the earlier model 82. Most of the improvements can be seen in the headstock.
The spindle cone steps are 1-1/4 inch wide vs 1 inch. The length of the headstock is 1-1/8 inches longer and includes bed "toes"
for bolting to the bed. The oiling of the back gear quill was improved. The gear guards are the half shell type with the different headstock
casting. The spindle was made from carbon steel and finished ground on all surfaces. I believe this model had felts in the bronze bearings also.
With the new carbon alloy steel spindle, the 1200 rpm motor would run the lathe at a top speed of 700 rpm at the spindle.
It has the graduated tailstock spindle, and the improved flatter style tailstock spindle lock, although they reversed this in later series models
to the older style. This model was probably one of the best equipped models other than a tool room lathe. In your shipping box would have been:
Large and small face plates, tool post complete, adjustable thread stop, two live centers with spindle sleeve, center rest, follow rest, and wrenches.
Also installation plans, floor plans and How To Run A Lathe...of course...:)
I know which nut it takes, I'll put you on the list.

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I have a 1930 9" wide bed 380Y, but I do not know what I need but put
a place mark in for me. I am thinking of making another T-slot cross
slide for this lathe so I may be in the market for a nut.

Ed S

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> If anyone else woud like to get on my list for these early lathe
> feed nuts, let me know.
>Steve Wells

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