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Steve Wells

Hi Jim,
Yes I have about a dozen or so pieces left. I've raised my price on the blanks to
20.00 to help offset the cost of shipping. These are the 3G repair blanks that I had
roll threaded. I am in the process of running the test blanks for the South bend automatic
feed screw lathe. This is the last running sbl built machine for the screws in the world that I know of.
Ted could confirm that I'm sure. Cutting an acme screw for a feed screw is a bit harder than one might think.
especially if you are selling them to a machinist to repair a machine that must cut correctly. There are two
cutter bits in the SBL machine, one cuts the rough profile and the bottom relief measurement and the second
cuts the finish profile at 14 degrees 30 mins. the screw is measured over wires to tenths. and is slightly less that a 5G
screw. I have these prints and measurements. So it takes some time to get everything set up correctly.
I have a first operation 10L toolroom lathe that I have been setting up the cut the rough blank to go in the auto cut feed lathe.
I should have that done by the weekend and just need to wire up the coolant pump and plumbing
to run the auto lathe after setting the cutter blocks up. I have attached a couple of pictures of the saddle
on the auto lathe to show the follow rest and special bushing that holds the acme screw in place as the bits
cut down the shaft on front and back side.
contact me at wswells@... and I will respond.
sometimes a bit slow, cause it's still dang cold in the
Steve Wells  

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I pinged him. He will respond.

Jim B.

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Does Wells have any more of the precision Acme stock?

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