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Steve Wells

The product code for the 8 oz tube is 10307 Dennis.

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Could you be a bit more specific about the Ultralube grease as they have several grease products 


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I have sold out of the DE-112, BUT, I have a replacement after trying
and reading specs for about a gadzillion grease tubes.
I in the past always loved lubriplate, we used it for everything, it was a GM stock
product too. Well I checked plews-lubrimatic site about 2 months ago and guess what I found.
A product that might just work if you make and injector fitting, or if you are going to
tear down the cones anyway. Ultra Lube, it's USA made, plant based and biodegradable.
Its an NLGI 1.5 LB, and so far I like it. And I found it at Lowes for like 4 bucks for an 8 ounce squeeze tube.
The group should test it out. It claims to be one great grease, 
I have two tubes I'm using, and I love the stuff. slippery as snot and great bonding.
Steve Wells
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The LAST people I would go to for lube for my lathe would be the
Chinese! Steve Wells sells the real deal Buy THAT. Period.

Mick finch

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