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Steve Wells

Yes it does Jim, The super lube is like a #2, and I gave it it's try as that is what I believe
I was told replaced the DE-112. Roy Dean(now ECL) told me South Bend switched to the SuperLube
product line, but that was never confirmed by Ted or anyone else. She said they had problems with the
little black DE-112 tubes leaking and the product cost was high. It's almost impossible to find
a product blended like the DE-112 was. It's very thin for a grease claiming to be a # 1, I think it's lower that that.
I'm going to put this Ultra lube in my 10L as I think it's pretty good stuff. it bonds like the DE-112,but it's a little
stiffer, nothing like SuperLube, much softer.

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The SB lube chart says Roy Dean DE 112. Not Super lube.
DE112 has a very different viscosity.
Jim B

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