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Yes, TT designates the 14" variable speed machine.
I can't answer the question about the change in serial numbers ?? I wasn't involved with that in the 70's, and can't think of a reason to do that. There were no big changes in the machine or the company at that time('78). I'll see what I can find out.
 The year type serial number was also used on the 17" (GJ) and 20"(GL)


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Hey Ted;

I was hopping you would get involved.

The data I have actually shows two series of serial numbers.


The first is preceded by the year, well not quite, There is no 74 or 76.

Then TT which I take to be the letter code, like N, K, etc Strangely the 13 is just a single T.


1969 69TT101
1970 70TT177
1971 71TT381
1972 72TT556
1973 73TT774
1974 73TT975
1975 75TT1312
1976 75TT1532
1977 76TT1640
1978 00038TT
1979 00203TT
1980 00345TT
1981 00442TT
1982 00587TT
1983 00614TT


But then there is a second series, starting in 1978 with a 5 digit number followed by TT.


Can you shed any light on this? I had thought the 14 was made elsewhere but you say South Bend. That’s good to know.  


Jim B.


The 14" Variable speed lathe was made in South Bend.

The first 2 numbers of the serial number is the year it was made. This one must have been in someone's stock for awhile or it was not the original owner...?

Does it have a Swartz Machinery tag on it?

What was the metal finishing co.? 


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