Re: Bert's email

L.G.M.van Lelieveld <> <pa3eka@...>

My apollegees
to mis use this the group
my computer crashes several time it take me 2 days to bring it back a
live again
in the mean time my email box getting full
Anthony has sended hi quality scans off SB Docs.
and more emails from others to
But it shoot be working again now
my appollegees for the inconvenience

--- In, "Glen Reeser <Gorvil@a...>"
<Gorvil@a...> wrote:
Hi Bert,

I keep getting my emails bounced back when I reply to your last
message. There must be something wrong with your account. My
apologies to the group for communicating this way.

I sent Clint $47.00 for the screw plus shipping. He will ship it
you in a padded envelope.

He didn't have a nut. I will send you one of mine. It may be a
worn. I made my own replacement for this nut to reduce backlash.
will send some bronze stock and a description of how I made my own
to fit the worn screw. The shipping on this stuff will also be
so we're up to $59.00.

We are getting closer

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