Re: Bed evaluation

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The bedways on a South Bend are a triangle with the apex truncated.

The carriage ways are narrower than the face of the bedway.

Any filing-off of the ridges at the top and bottom of the face of the
v-way would narrow the width of the v-way at the base, which would
then be measurable. Off the top of my head, the drop in the carriage
would be equal to half the amount of the narrowing of the ways at the
base for a 90-degree V [90 degree included angle at the apex], and
.866 of that amount for a 60-degree bed [60-degree included angle].
[.866=sin 60].

There's a good article on this at

www dot homepages dot mcb dot net slash howe slash news percent 20
lathe percent 20 maintenance.htm


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