Re: Bed evaluation


Tom, Sorry if I caused any confusion. What I was after was the best
method to use for evaluation of a bed. How do you evaluate bed wear
on an assembled machine and also if you are purchasing a "naked"
bed. Thanks.

--- In, Thomas.G.Brandl@c... wrote:

I'll have to recheck the one bed I have available and see if its
enough to sell. Determining what I would consider usable or not
might be
different than yours or someone elses. As far as filing off the
vee, this
wouldn't take care of some of the other problems. The bed would
still be
bowed. You would have accuracy problems, since your tool would be
and lowering during the cut. Posiibly for what work you want to
do, this
would be a problem. I would say the wear in a bed would be
somewhere is the
.005-.010 range that would be going bad. More than a few of the
beds where
beyond that. I think the bed I have available has about .005 wear,
maybe a
bit less. I'll try and inspect it in the next couple of days.

"qbox09 <mg.bug@v...>" <mg.bug on 01/13/2003 06:24:39 PM

Please respond to

Subject: [southbendlathe] Bed evaluation

With regards to a 9" South Bend, how do you evaluate the condition
of the bed? I understand the use of the carriage lock to indicate
that wear is present in one area compared to an unworn part of the
bed. But how do you quantify (in .001"s) the amount of wear? How
much is too much? Can a straight edge and feeler gauge be used?

Finally, how do you evaluate a used, naked bed? Could a person
off the ridge that forms at the top of the VEE and make a junk bed
appear to be servicable? It's a jungle out there.

Thank you.

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