Re: 9a leadscrew gear ???

Jim B. <btdtrf@...>

Look at the ARMY manual.


If the part number has “nk” in it it is used on BOTH the Workshop 9” and the 10K.

If the part number has only “n” in it, it’s only used on the Workshop 9”

If the part number has only “k” in it is only used on the 10K.


The spindle gear on both lathes is 20 DP.

The twin gears that allow forward and reverse and mesh wit the spindle gear are also 20 DP.

The inner stud gear is 20 DP and is a 24 tooth gear.


The stud gear that mounts on the front of reversing assembly is 18 DP.

That should be a 20 tooth gear with a QCGB.

The idler gear on the banjo that mates with the stud gear is also 18 DP as are the (two ) gears at the input to the gear box.

Those gears should be 40/56 tooth gears, depending on the threading range.

I don’t know what the DP of the gears inside the GB is.


Jim B.

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I missed that there are different dps. Are there different internals to the work shop and light  10 gear boxes?  The different pitches would mean that all of the gears inside the box are of that pitch?


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