Re: 9a leadscrew gear ???

john kling

I missed that there are different dps. Are there different internals to the work shop and light  10 gear boxes?  The different pitches would mean that all of the gears inside the box are of that pitch?

From: john baird
Sent: Tuesday, December 10, 2013 12:12 PM
Subject: Re: [SOUTHBENDLATHE] 9a leadscrew gear ???

1 5/8 " = 1.625
20t gear =13.5DP
24t gear=16DP
Regards  jb

On Monday, 9 December 2013, 23:44, "stephenbutler634@..." wrote:

On a similar theme I recommend mrpete222 (tubal Cain) on YouTube who has a new video (2 part) on repairing a Logal lathe QC gearbox, by replacing one of the pinion gears. He also shows how to calculate the gear specs.

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