Re: Milling Attachment


Hi Okey,

I bought a set of the MLA castings from someone on this list and got the leadscrew and nut from another most generous member of the list.

Yoy only need the milling base if you also plan to mount the unit on a T-slot cross slide. The basic milling attachment casting set mounts in the compound spigot hole. The base plate has a spigot hole and can be bolted down on the T-slot cross slide.

I just finished my T-slot cross slide so I guess the next project will be the base.


Glen Reeser

--- In, "Okey Caynor" <cal5@f...> wrote:

Does anyone in the group have any experience or comments on the milling
attachment for the 9" SB at ? As far as I can
tell from the description of the castings there, it appears that one would
need the ML-5 and the S4382A milling base, plus the acme nut for a total of
around $150 plus shipping. Just curious if anyone has gone this route.

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