Re: QC tool posts: KDK vs. Aloris?


The piston type has a cam driven piston that comes out normal to the face of the dovetail. The wedge type has a dingus that expands the width of the dove tail. The wedge should be more repeatable and less suject to wear, I guess. For my home shop chip making, I don't think I would improve chip quality that much with the wedge.

Glen Reeser

I got the ENCO flyer today also. My question is, whats the difference
in the piston and the wedge in that Phase II ad? Besides almost
double the price. Theres almost no difference in appearance in the
little picture.
I also would like to update the old lantern toolpost, but until
these import quick change came along and then started to discount
them, I couldnt justify the cost (Well, ah, er, that is the wife
couldnt justify). Anyway, some explanation on these two types would
be greatly appreciated.
I too think ENCO has a better quality than Harbor Frt.
Bill Pace

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