Re: Who is jump_nkd ?


Hi Anthony,

I see a jumpnkd in the members file. His partial email is jumpnkd(at)
a. I suspect that he's on AOL. AOL allows spaces in email
addresses. Mine on AOL is G Orvil(at)AOL. It collapses to Gorvil
outside of AOL.

Glen Reeser

--- In, anthrhodes@a... wrote:
I tried addressing this before.

When I was accepting names of people who wanted Parts List Scans I
received a
message from "jump_nkd" indicating he was interested in anything
relating to
an SB 13". At the time I didn't pay any attention to the missing
as AOL strips that part of the address from messages when an AOLer
sends a
message to another AOLer I presumed that that was the explanantion.
then I've tried to contact this person directly without success,
and I posted
the problem in one of my earlier messages to the group. I'll give
it one last

Jump_nkd , if your out there or if anybody on the list knows who
this is,
provide me with a method by which you can be contacted.

Berkeley, Calif.

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