Re: QC tool posts: KDK vs. Aloris?


I know this isn't what you asked, but...

The latest ENCO flyer has the Phase II post sets for $89.00.
I bought a HF version for the same price and after fixing its
problems I have been happy with it. From all accounts Phase II
is a large step in quality above Harbour Freight.

Glen Reeser

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Does anyone have some wisdom (or opinion) to pass along
about these two types of QC tool post?

I'd like to replace the original-style rocker tool post on my SB 9"
with a more solid, convenient one - either an Aloris AXA or a KDK

I like the low-profile and true two-tool-per-holder of the KDK,
I am drawn to the wide availability of the Aloris-types (and the
cost of the knock-off brands).

Any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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