Re: heavy 10 parts


Hi Mike,

I have two 9" lathes and I have been using one to fix the other. It
is a very good plan.

I would be your first customer for brass nameplates if you got good at
it and if the price was reasonable.

Glen Reeser

(Let each lathe fix the other seems better then forcing one
lathe to fix itself). (introductions done, on to the topic at hand)

Some time back I paid the price and purchased a set of plates from
South Bend. I was less than impressed with the quality of the
production plates.

I have been thinking about making a vacuum chuck for my surface
grinder and reproducing the old style multi-colored brass plates by
process of grinding, applying resist, etching, painting, regrinding,
and applying some sort of clear coat.

Do you think this is something that could help others in this group
if I take the time to get good at it? Or is someone else already
doing this sort of thing?



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