Re: C to B 9" workshop conversion.

Gregg Eshelman

On 11/3/2013 2:06 PM, john kling wrote:

Thanks for the information. I am trying to approach this with my own
attempt of order. My first step is acquisition of the A and B apron. The
cross feed screws seem to be a bottleneck as well.
This guy makes new ones.

The slide screws also differ depending on if the lathe has large or small dials. Yours should have the small dials, but there are upgrade kits to the large dials South Bend had starting in the later 1950's.

Yet another change around then was adding a small radial ball bearing on the cross slide screw so it'd turn smoother and wouldn't wear the end of the bushing.

Take some photos and measurements of your cross slide screw, send to Miller and say you want one like it with the power feed gear added.

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