Re: C to B 9" workshop conversion.

john kling

Varying accuracy are claimed for different models of SB lathes lead screws. Also the different suppliers of  acme  stock makes assertions about high accuracy. What is involved and how is accuracy  measured for threads?
I guess I am asking for some one to put on a pedogogue's hat.

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  Thank you Jim,
  I have cut acme threads to fit a worm amce cast iron nut on my tail stock.
Alec Ryals

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Steve Wells has some very special, accurate and polished 7/16-10 LH stock for rebuilding cross feeds.
The compound is 3/8-10 RH
You can find accurate stock for that here.
MSC also carries some stock but they are expensive.
Here is some leadscrew rod.
Of course you can roll your own. You only need some rod and to grind an ACME threading tool.
I have made some for my Burke Mill in/out feed and its been good for 5 years now.
This also gives you the ability to “fit” the thread to a worn nut.
Jim B.

Were do I buy accurate amce thread stock.
Thank You

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