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Chuck Lippmeier

If you find you like Eric Flint then also try S.M. Sterling, both historical
fiction. The granddad, of course, being Turtledove but I like Flint and
Sterling even more.
Chuck Lippmeier

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The Grantville Gazette is historical fiction following on Eric Flints
series of books that proposes a spectacular phenomenon that transports
a town of modern day West Virginians back into the 1630s Germany, the
thirty years war. This with modern hunting rifles, modern attitudes,
pick-up trucks and the high school library. This is hardly an
authoritative study of the guild system, though Eric Flint has done a
remarkable with getting the point across as to what it must have been
like back then. I'm a real fan of the entire series but it is fiction
after all.

How have I never heard of this??

It'll fit right in with my current audiobook series:

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