Jacobs chucks

Alex <alex41@...>

Dear Group,
        I hope this is not too far off topic, but here goes. I have picked up a few Jacobs Super Ball Bearing drill chucks. The price was not to extravagant and I neet to put a different arbor in two of them and press one apart to replace the jaws. This all seemed like a wonderful cost saving idea until I tried it.
        How do you get that #$%^&^ arbor out of the back of the chuck? The one I am working on now is a 3/8" chuck with a 1/2" straight arbor on the back. The straight arbor is a bit bent so it can't be used. I want a MT#2 arbor on it for my drill press anyway. I do have the wedges from Jacob's to seperate them. I placed the straight arbor in my vise and pushed - OK hammered the wedges together to try and pop of the arbor but it only slides in the vise jaws. The vise is a decent Craftsman one and I am tightening it as much as I can but it keeps sliding out. I have not tired heating the chuck yet and see that as a last resort unless someone has had experience with this. The center of the chuck has a hole in it and I have tried to use a punch only to bend the punches. I have tried some penetrating oil with no success.
        I have thought about trying to drill it out but am afraid I may ruin the smooth taper in the chuck.
Any ideas, comments, suggestions?

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