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Chuck Lippmeier

The Grantville Gazette is historical fiction following on Eric Flints series of books that proposes a spectacular phenomenon that transports a town of modern day West Virginians back into the 1630s Germany, the thirty years war. This with modern hunting rifles, modern attitudes, pick-up trucks and the high school library. This is hardly an authoritative study of the guild system, though Eric Flint has done a remarkable with getting the point across as to what it must have been like back then. I’m a real fan of the entire series but it is fiction after all.

Chuck Lippmeier



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Could tell the young man that the situation could be worse. Could be
like the guilds centuries ago in Europe where apprentices were forbidden
marriage, journeymen were required to get married and there were few
ways to be master of your own shop. Typically either the guild masters
had to agree to allow a new shop to open or an apprentice would spend
many years in that position waiting for a master to die so he could take
over the shop, by marrying the master's widow - but of course only with
the approval of the rest of the guild masters.

(There's several well researched articles on the 17th century guild
system in the "Grantville Gazette" published by Baen Books.)

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