Re: How Do I Remove The Spindle From The Head Stock?


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I just purchased this lathe for $100. I want to Completely
dissasemble it so I can Paint and restore. This is an older 9b with
the separate drive system. I can't seem to figure out how the
spindle is removed. There aren't any "caps" that hold the bearing in
place but there is 1 bolt on each side that crush and hold the
bearing in place. Does anybody have a link to a diagram of how this
is installed.

You are a lucky fellow if the $100.00 lathe is any good at all.

This link from the links section of the group usually works. For some reason I get an error message when I tried it today.

There is also a US Army SBL Manual. I don't have the link on this computer. Maybe someone else has it handy.

The spindle is removed by loosening the two bearing bolts, removing the split nut at the back end of the spindle (you will have to loosen the set screw), and with a block of wood between your properly sized hammer and the back of the spindle, force it out. The bull gear at the front of the cone gear is usually where the resistance comes from.

Watch out for the spring loaded felts in the bottom of the bearings. There are holes just above the oilers for pins to hold the felts down for reassembly.

Glen Reeser

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